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Alma Bar: the eclectic fusion of past and present

Mar , 14
Alma Bar: the eclectic fusion of past and present

In the vibrant heart of Verona, together with architect Luca De Bona, we contributed to the birth of Alma Bar, a characterful venue ready to welcome everyone at any time of day or night.

From the beginning, Davide, the owner, had clear ideas.

I want a cutting-edge and charming bar, ready to welcome anyone at all times of the day or night. A versatile, colourful environment with the cocktail station being the focal point as symbolic place of exchange between customers and staff.

The design focused on creative restyling to reinvent the previous spaceby adopting solutions inspired to the light’s variations throughout the day. A versatile, colourful environment, also recalling the ’80s thanks to the strategic choice of the materials used.


  • Glass blocks to reflect light, natural or artificial, and create atmosphere.
  • Checkerboard flooring to add a touch of glamour and soften the brightness.
  • Wood to remove formality and make the venue more welcoming.
  • Concrete walls and grey tones to give a sense of temporariness.
  • Corrugated metal on the walls to convey vibrations in stark contrast to the concrete.
  • Upholstery fabrics, deliberately in bright tones, to add character.


All these elements managed to blend together and create a never-before-seen setting, with a deliberately raw building envelope, serving as the backdrop to an almost theatrical experience, where every element stimulates the synaesthesia of the senses.


Finally, the name “ALMA,” meaning soul in Italian, it’s immaterial principle that makes one unique, transparent, with a strong identity. In a single word: authentic.




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