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Kalon: a colossal setup

Mar , 14
Kalon: a colossal setup

A spaceship from another planet landing on Earth to stand out for its uniqueness. We are not talking about a movie, but a stand inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s famous title “2001: A Space Odyssey“.

A concept designed by the interior designer Giuseppe Diana, to introduce Kalon, a new brand showing up as innovative and attentive to the design of biomass heating products, at the most important industry fair, Progetto Fuoco 2016 edition.


The first of many projects followed with Giuseppe Diana, who chose us for our proactivity and willingness to experiment with a particular material, Barrisol.

To create the dome of the setup, a modular wooden structure was designed to be covered with Barrisol, a non-flammable fabric mouldable through the use of heat. This created a complete cover, able to reflect the lights inside, resembling an alien spaceship.


The final effect? A structure never seen before at a fair, futuristic and suggestive, which certainly did not go unnoticed by visitors.




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